Dispute Resolution

Selected team members’ experiences include advising:

Dispute Resolution

Selected team members’ experiences include advising:

ABANKA VIPA on various corporate, debt and collateral restructuring issues related to one of its large industrial debtors in Serbia

AN INTERNATIONAL CARD COMPANY in relation to a litigation for alleged damages arising from the implementation of interchange fees in Serbia

AN INTERNATIONAL STEEL TRADER on Serbian law aspects of a Swiss-based arbitration arising from a raw material supply agreement

AN INTERNATIONAL STEEL TRADER in relation to an arbitration procedure before the LCIA

BANCA INTESA, a Serbian bank as part of the Intesa Sanpaolo bank, on bankruptcy and enforcement procedures of its clients across Serbia

CHURCH ENTITY on a litigation regarding the ownership rights on a land plot with the value in excess of €5 million

SERBIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH on a litigation in relation to 6 litigation procedures ongoing before the High Court of Justice in London for damage compensation

LEONI Wiring System, Prokuplje, Serbia brought the claim for damages before the Commercial Court in Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia,
against the Serbian transport company M&B Trans, in relation to the damage incurred during the transport of goods,
produced by LEONI Wiring System Southeast, for LEONI Wiring Systems UK. The value of the claim is EUR 550.000

DIREKTNA BANKA in various labor law disputes

ERSTE BANK in litigation proceedings in relation to loan processing fees

FOUNDATION E.G. BUHRLE COLLECTION, a world-renowned art collection, on a litigation for damages in Serbia against perpetrators who stole certain paintings
from the foundation’s museum in the combined value of CHF 180 million

GENOIL INC on a lawsuit related to the protection of shareholders’ rights filled with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice

HALKBANK on several dispute resolution matters regarding NPLs. including court and extra-judicial enforcement, bankruptcy, and litigation

KUVERA s.p.a. (Carpisa), owner of an Italian worldwide fashion brand, in relation to debt recovery against several Serbian companies

STARA PLANINA, a Serbian public enterprise, on a litigation related to the bank guarantees received from certain contracting parties

TELEKOM SRBIJA, a leading telecommunication company in Serbia, in dispute with its employees regarding ownership of IP rights on certain innovations

on the recognition and enforcement of two foreign arbitral awards in Serbia

FCA SERBIA in relation to a litigation regarding ownership rights on the electric grid system within Fiat factory complex in Kragujevac against Republic of Serbia,
and in relation to the high value litigation regarding consumption fees against EPS

MESSER TEHNOGAS AD in high value litigation regarding damage compensation against EPS regarding misuse of the consumption fees

SOCIETE GENERALE BANK/OTP BANK in litigation proceedings in relation to the collateral
status, and damage compensation demands in front of competent courts including Supreme Court of Cassation

FABRIKA BAKARNIH CEVI MAJDANPEK in relation to the arbitration procedure before the PA in Belgrade

PROMINENT INTERNATIONAL COMPANY in an arbitration proceeding ongoing before the Permanent Arbitration at the Chamber of Commerce and
Industry of Serbia in relation to termination of an agreement for construction of the business and residental premises in Belgrade

SOKOJ-ORGANISATION OF MUSIC AUTHORS OF SERBIA in number of litigation proceedings initiated for infrigement of IP rights

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